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A success story shows how INNERVISION programs are making a difference in people’s lives and also highlighting the accomplishments of all people with disabilities who are employed or have their own business by submitting success stories. 

You can write a success story about your job, small business, a program, workshop or training opportunity that is particularly noteworthy and significant. It may be about how an employer worked with an employment program or about how a person gained personal employment.

Whatever you choose to write about, it is your life, your future, your choice.

Senior Hispanic woman working on computer at home_edited.jpg

Recent corporate restructuring left Franny, a job seeker looking for a job after more than 25 years in customer service. Having spent such a long time in the same job, Franny felt lost and unsure of how to navigate the job market. She came to INNERVISION in need of a boost of confidence along with assistance refreshing her resume. We provided guidance and encouraged her to use our work readiness services for mock interview and resumes and cover letters assistance. After two months of working with Franny started a new job as a full-time remote Customer Service Representative.


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