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INNERVISION is a faith-based ministry aimed at growing supported employment to give people with employment barriers the opportunity to participate in the workforce. 

INNERVISION is proud vendor of Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency. 


AchievABILITY Enterprises

Behind the Scenes

Our AchievABILITY Enterprises (AAE) supports people with barriers to employment who need significant support to work.

Participants are supported by on-the-job training, developing new skills, and participating in their communities. In addition, many find the training provided in the enterprises helps them transition into open employment. 

Our AAE offers a diverse range of roles to develop new skills and form professional networks. Some participants can also build on their skills to create lasting non-supported careers in open employment.

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Our AchievABILITY Enterprises

The Future Is Now

INNERVISION's AAE help people with barriers to employment by creating training and opportunities to connect and contribute to their community. 
We are passionate about helping people with employment barriers overcome their vocational barriers to be the best in life. Our AAE help people with employment barriers in supported working environments.
By supporting our AAE, you help people with barriers to employment participate in the workforce like their family, friends, and neighbors.
Our network of enterprises offers a wide range of services that span concessions and more.

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If you’re interested in learning more about our mission and programs, we’d love to connect.
Please direct all media inquires to letstalk@innervisionga.com.


In-depth Interview with INNERVISION Founder

January 2020

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From Idea to Reality: The Evolution of INNERVISION

December 2020


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