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INNERVISION is a faith-based ministry. We serve hard-to-employ adults in our community!



INNERVISION is a faith-based ministry. Started to assist people with employment barriers find and keep a job. 

At INNERVISION, we believe workplaces and communities are strengthened when they are diverse and inclusive of individuals who are often sidelined based on their challenges.

Our workforce development program is designed to unlock each person’s unique potential and provide a sense of purpose to adults with barriers to employment.

Recognizing that success in the regular workforce is often more difficult for adults with challenges, our mission is to offer workforce opportunities to:

  • Adults challenged by intellectual and/or physical disability

  • Adults on parole/probation

  • Women in domestic violence transitional programs 

We offer staffing, cleaning and laundry services, fleet washing, and light industrial work (packaging and assembling), so our participants and many others will know the dignity, stability, and pride that comes with having a job.

Woman on a wheelchair and her co-worker.


INNERVISION's mission is to become a rehabilitation service leader in a society where people with challenges live meaningful and fulfilling lives.



We provide a variety of employment-related programs, as well as the education and socialization necessary for our participants to lead meaningful, productive lives. INNERVISION enterprises offer local businesses high-quality sub-contract services such as staffing, custodial, laundry, kitting, and fleet washing. 

Our goal is to help people experience the satisfaction of achievement, contribution, and earning a paycheck while satisfying business needs in the community.

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Putting People to Work

INNERVISION serves adults across the Metro Atlanta region who have difficulty getting and keeping employment. We welcome individuals who are often excluded from the regular job market and pride ourselves on assisting them with real work for real pay along with training and support designed to help each person achieve and sustain success. Each year, dozens of people progress from our innovative workforce development program to achieve good jobs in the regular economy.


If you’re interested in learning more about our mission and programs, we’d love to connect.
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