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INNERVISION is committed to providing as many avenues as possible for people with employment barriers to receive services that will enable them to achieve independence and gain meaningful opportunities. Our partnership with Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency offers a diversity of resources tailored expressly to meet the participant’s individual needs, including career exploration, coaching; job readiness skills training; work-based learning experiences other career development opportunities.

Project HireMe

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Development. Placement. Support.

Project HireMe is a supported employment program designed to connect people with employment barriers to integrated employment opportunities in their community.  

Project HireMe's is a vocational training program, provides job training for adults with employment barriers.   

In this program, participants will learn employable skills, job readiness, soft skills, and on-the-job training with one of our community partners.



Follow Your Dreams

Empowering our youth to achieve their highest employment potential is one of the primary goals of INNERVISION. The Pre-Employment Transition Service (Pre-ETS), an outreach program, offers no-cost pre-employment transition services to Georgia public school students with disabilities.  These services are designed to make an impactful difference for more students with disabilities earlier, leading to better coordination, enhanced communication, more vital collaboration, and increased successful post-school outcomes.



Popping Up In A City Near You

Our mobile job coach constantly moves throughout the city introducing job readiness skills and career options to individuals with disabilities.
Through food, fun, engaging activities, and discussions, participants will identify their unique strengths and explore opportunities for their future in a safe, friendly environment.

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