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We have specially trained staff to ensure all participants receive maximum employment and training opportunities. Services include counseling, labor market information, job referrals, job search workshops, and job development with potential employers. INNERVISION has a three-pronged mission to provide services and advocacy to assist people with disabilities: live independently, become employed, and have equality in the communities in which they live and work.


Development. Placement. Support.

Project HireMe is a supported employment program designed to connect people with disabilities to integrated employment opportunities in their community. The program assists adults with disabilities in finding and maintaining competitive employment. 

Project HireMe's Adult Internship program is Monday through Thursday. Participants begin and end their day in the classroom at a host site. They spend the balance of their time participating in three unpaid internships of their choice, each lasting up to 10-weeks or more, depending on the business needs. 

In this program, participants will learn employable skills, job readiness, soft skills and on-the-job training with one of our community partners.


Plan. Implement. Achieve.

INNERVISION is committed to providing as many avenues as possible for people with disabilities to receive services that will enable them to achieve independence and gain meaningful employment. In partnership with the state of Georgia’s Vocational Rehabilitation Agency, INNERVISION offers a diversity of resources tailored expressly to meet the participant’s individual needs, which may include career exploration; coaching; job readiness skills training; work-based learning experiences and other career development opportunities.


Follow Your Dreams

Empowering youth with disabilities to achieve their highest employment potential is one of the major goals of INNERVISION. The Pre-Employment Transition Service (Pre-ETS), an outreach program offers no-cost pre-employment transition services provided to Georgia public school students with disabilities.  These services are designed to make an impactful difference for more students with disabilities at an earlier age which will lead to better coordination, enhanced communication, stronger collaboration, and increased successful post-school outcomes.


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