Laundry Services

Laundry That Works For You

INNERVISION has entered the commercial laundry business. Yes, that’s right! Our goal has always been to deliver quality service while providing more job opportunities for people with barriers to employment.

Health Care and Uniform Services

INNERVISION can provide laundry services for health care and hospitality industries including the laundering of linens, hospital gowns, surgical gowns, towels, washcloths, table cloths, napkins, and aprons.

INNERVISION Laundry Services understands that linen and laundry service is a vital and integral part of quality patient care. Our Laundry specializes in the needs of healthcare facilities.

Why INNERVISION Laundry Is Good For You

  • We meet the unique demands of your organization by providing concierge service to customize linen/laundry service to your facility.

  • The highest quality of goods and services— INNERVISION Laundry uses world-class suppliers for their goods and no-compromise approach to our quality.

  • Responsive customer service—Community-based — we are a part of your community of business services and as such are intimately involved in the communities we serve, providing opportunities to those with employment barriers. Relationships and partnerships matter to us!

We are a community rehabilitation program offering training and employment opportunities to all persons with employment barriers.

If you would like more information about INNERVISION’s Laundry Services, please call us or email us today!